You Name It, We’ve Got It

Extensive Coverage

Search engines, p2p, cyberlockers, warez sites, forums, blogs, auctions, p2p, social media. You name it, we’ve got you covered.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our ENFORCER protection platform is robust, scalable, secure and lighting quick.

Follow The Money

We also get the payment processors used by sites blocked. Paypal, Visa, Mastercard are some of the processors we work with.

Critical Link Tracking

There are always infringements which matter more. Links which are highly visible to prospective customers are always our first priority.

Direct Site Removals

We don’t just deindex links from the search engines. We get infringements taken down at their source.

The Human Factor

A two step human review process effectively eliminates all false positives and ensures accuracy.

Business Intelligence

Detailed analytics & reports provides full transparency allowing you to monitor progress, analyze trends and track results.

Your Legal Team

It rarely comes to it but our legal partners are ready should we need to escalate a takedown request.

24/7 Support

We are responsive and always go the extra mile for you. Just a ping away, whenever you need us.