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If so, we have a dedicated anti-piracy program which caters specifically for your industry.

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Why Clients Choose Us


Most takedowns are completed before your copyright lawyer has even returned the message you left.


We work with companies & independent publishers of all sizes. Whatever your needs, we have a ROI focused solution for you.

Set & Forget

You give us your product names plus a few other details and we’ll take it from there. You won’t have to lift a finger.

But That’s Not All…

You Name It, We’ve Got It

Extensive Coverage

Search engines, p2p, cyberlockers, warez sites, forums, blogs, auctions, p2p, social media. You name it, we’ve got you covered.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our ENFORCER protection platform is robust, scalable, secure and lighting quick.

Follow The Money

We also get the payment processors used by sites blocked. Paypal, Visa, Mastercard are some of the processors we work with.

Critical Link Tracking

There are always infringements which matter more. Links which are highly visible to prospective customers are always our first priority.

Direct Site Removals

We don’t just deindex links from the search engines. We get infringements taken down at their source.

The Human Factor

A two step human review process effectively eliminates all false positives and ensures accuracy.

Business Intelligence

Detailed analytics & reports provides full transparency allowing you to monitor progress, analyze trends and track results.

Your Legal Team

It rarely comes to it but our legal partners are ready should we need to escalate a takedown request.

24/7 Support

We are responsive and always go the extra mile for you. Just a ping away, whenever you need us.

How Much Business Is Piracy Costing You?

Google Is Only Half The Story

In fact it’s just a small piece.

Just getting links deindexed from Google doesn’t solve the problem. It just hides it and not very well.

If you’re after more than just partial piracy protection then a more aggressive and thorough approach is needed.

What you’re looking for is a system which takes infringing links down at their source. We offer that.

“A DMCA Takedown Service That Actually Works. You Actually Get Stuff Taken Down.”

– Ray Higdon, Forever Wealth Club

When Everyone Else Fails…

We are just getting started.

If a website is hosted in a territory with little to no copyright legislation it can be next to impossible to have infringements removed.

That’s where our Blackspot Link Removal Service TM comes in.

Created in partnership with our Trader Guard Program, we have developed creative strategies to get particularly sticky links taken down.

“A” Is For Accuracy

We aren’t just a matrix of robots blindly pattern matching which results in missed links and invalid takedowns landing you in a legal mire.

Our in-house team of Czars carefully manage your content protection around the clock.

We believe in the human factor and don’t just pay lip service to “human verification” and “two step review.” Nor do we rely solely on the infringements our web crawlers bring back for us.

Our Czars are out there everyday and are trained to find links other companies might overlook.

Results Are What Matter. Period.

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Success Rate
(Not Including Blackspot Links)

Check Out Our Testimonials

When I first started with you, I had no idea just how often our content gets stolen. It’s important to protect your intellectual property, not just for your bottom line, but to protect your brand.

I’m grateful to you and your team and highly recommended your services because you truly care about making sure my content isn’t pirated – and treats its removal as if it was your own.

Jill Miller
Jill Miller & Robert Faust

You runs one helluva tight ship that attacks the pirates, thieves, and copyright infringers in all the places they like to pillage and plunder your intellectual property. Your support is all A ++.

One of the best business investments I ever made.

Ben Settle
Ben Settle

What's the one thing I most like about your service? That is actually works! You actually get stuff taken down.

I can't stand that some people make money from others intellectual property. I also can't stand that some people feel it is OK to buy from pirated sites. Your service has given me a peace of mind that I don't have to worry anymore.